Success Laws

Wealth Principles from a Biblical World View

via a critique of

Napoleon Hill's - THINK and GROW RICH

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In Coach Curt's book you will discover:

*The MAJOR flaw in Napoleon Hill's book.

*What principles violate accepted truth.

*Success Principles you must embrace.

It is worth noting that Napoleon Hill's work was during the time of the Great Depression in the 1920 - 1930's. This current economic shaking is a season for Christians to press into wisdom as never before. This ebook may unlock the internal struggle you have held in your heart to build wealth as a committed Christian.



Coach Curt's FREE ebook reveals the power, and exposes the dangers of Hill's Success Laws.

YOU must engage and cooperate with the laws and principles of success to gain wealth, but are you being deceived along the way?

For a more in depth look at success principles, fill out the form to the left. Free. No Obligation. What you don't know CAN hurt you.

Many Christians are being seduced, deceived, or scammed through humanistic or new-age/mystical approaches to prosperity. God does want to bless - and has called many to wealth creation and distribution, but He requires HIS followers to achieve it HIS way.

Napoleon Hill's work is insightful for success, but faulty on many fronts for those who take their values seriously.

We will take a look at each of the 13 Success Principles delineated in Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich - from a Biblical world view.

Most Christians that I know fall on one side or the other of this fence called "Wealth:"

Group A "throws the baby out with the bath water," and reject many of the principles Napoleon Hill puts forth - not realizing how closely they parallel Biblical thought.

Group B have swallowed many of the mystical and unscriptural premises and ideas that Napoleon writes about, unaware there is great danger to their faith in doing that.

My hope in this work is to expand another Group that will accept the challenge of Wealth creation in these last days for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God.

After 30 years of scriptural study as a pastor in the USA and missionary in Asia-Pacific region of the world, Coach Curt has seen poverty and riches.

In light of global economic conditions, it is critical for Christians to understand and cooperate with success laws. Creation waits.


Napoleon Hill's

13 Success Principles:




Specialized Knowledge


Organized Planning



Master Mind

Sex Transmutation

Sub-conscious Mind

The Brain

The Sixth Sense


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